New Loans

The title of Plastic or credit in cash, What loan suits you in Holy Week?

Beach with the family, to go to the mountain to breathe better airs, to practice extreme sports, to go to visit another city or to know another country is what we all want for our next holiday period.

When the savings are not enough, it is necessary to request a loan to pay for the plane, the lodging or simply all the souvenirs that we wish to acquire- More Bonuses Radiohead Songs.

Regarding this, the safest thing is that you always ask if you carry cash or better card, which will be much more adaptable to your needs?

It is not that one option is better than the other, you simply have to take into account your travel plan and know exactly some points, such as:

  • Number of days you are going to travel
  • People with whom you will travel
  • Places you plan to visit
  • Lodging and reservations

In the same way, you should investigate the prices and make an approximate budget, only then you will have a general idea as similar as possible to what reality will be.

Of course, in practice, that budget will go out of line, but you will have an idea of how much you need for your trip and also, to know how much money to request.

In the case of leaving the country, it is best to use a card and carry some cash, although you should also be careful in some details such as the fees charged by the bank and also if that card is accepted anywhere.

Remember that in this type of situation, it is better to prevent. Here are some tips for traveling with your credit card:

  • Be sure to check the extra cost the bank charges for withdrawing money abroad.
  • Check the exchange rate in banks and ATMs
  • Make sure that the credit on the card is enough for your trip
  • Check the validity of your card
  • Do not forget to have at hand the information of your bank to communicate with them for any inconvenience

If we talk about cash, it is probably much more convenient to use it for these next vacations. Nobody charges commission or interest for using tickets, so by making the change of currency appropriate and anticipated, you will have no problem at the time of making your transactions.

The only thing you have to take into account is the applicable commissions for the currency exchange within the place where you are. Also, ask if you can carry another type of currency, the dollar is generally the most accepted.

In the previous case, we recommend that you take the necessary security measures to avoid any incident with your money. Also, be sure to be careful so that the bills do not bend or are mistreated, you could run the risk of not being changed or accepted at the destination.

In general, the best thing is that during Holy Week you bring cash and credit card, this could get you out of trouble. What you should do is learn at what time it is better to use your plastic and where to use your cash.

Also, investigate if it is possible that some of your expenses can be done in installments and without interest.

To apply for the loan in cash, you do not need to do so in advance, in Credifiel we have agreements with government companies, so if you are retired from any of them, your process will be much more agile and simple.

Your family holidays do not have to wait any longer. Get to know us, investigate and request the loan that will accompany you during your next trip. Fate is very close to you, you just need to decide.